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McPure - Survival Building Server


We are currently in beta, expect bugs and glitches (We will go fully live on the 1st!)

Welcome to the opening of McPure, a server made for gamers who still want a true quality minecraft experience! Our server features plugins that range from anti-griefing, minigames, gameplay enhancments, and much more! Example plugins are GriefPrevention, MiniGames, mcMMO, etc. Our current community is small, yet growing every day stronger and better then ever! Our goal is to provide an experience that isn't just focused around Minecraft and building, but meeting new people who share the same interest in you, Minecraft!


More info is as follows...

Owner: IamAra
Head-Admin: RetricMix
Admin: Cascadex
Mod: Krytanix
Mod: Burkish


  • McMMO
  • Essentials
  • Teams
  • Multiple Minigame Plugins
  • and more!

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