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The Saturn Server


The Saturn Server is a advanced/modern server which has been running for over a year now and we have had many modpacks.
I started out in 2012 with a Tekkit 2 server on a spare PC I had at home, quickly the amount of people outgrew my poor old PC and now, almost a year later, I'm the proud owner of a professional server, running it's very own modpack.
I have a lot of experience with server management and it reflects with this server. Ranks, permissions, plugins, settings, everything is done right here.

The Saturn Server has a great community with a lot of fine people, plugins, grief protection, friendly staff, no whitelist and, of course, lots of machines!
We also have our own TeamSpeak server and Wiki.

The modpack is called 'Technolution'. It has modern expansions at it's core but it expands upon vanilla Minecraft in almost every way possible, not just machines. We have more food, better player/mob animations, magic, interesting new mobs and a whole lot more! Technolution enchances the entire Minecraft experience.


Server IP and other links
Server IP: /
Modpack Wiki:

General server rules

  1. No griefing, stealing or swearing
  2. Respect other people and their property
  3. Do not ask for items, ranks or creative mode
  4. Obey the staff, they're the law
  5. Have fun

Connect to the server
To connect to The Saturn Server, please follow these steps.

  1. Download and open the Technic launcher
  2. Scroll to 'Add new pack' and click on it
  3. When prompted, insert the modpack link:
  4. Click 'Add modpack'
  5. Enter your username and password.
  6. Hit 'Launch'
  7. Go to the multiplayer menu, select the server and hit join!

The ranks
We use a timed ranking system, meaning that your are ranked up by playing on the server for a set amount of time.
Newcomer: The default rank. Everyone who joins the server is given this rank.
Member: After 3 hours on the server, you will be promoted to Member. You can make nations and get a nickname for yourself.
Trusted: 24 hours are needed for this rank. You can now add colors to your nickname.
Loyal: A full 100 hours and you have proven to be loyal to the server.
Veteran: A real vegeran has spend over 250 hours on the server.
No-life: You have officially no social life whatsoever if you spend 1000+ hours on the server.
These special ranks below are not unlocked based on playtime.
VIP: Donating to the server gives you this rank. (different VIP ranks available)
Jr.Mod: You can submit an application for this rank on my website. This purpose of this rank is to see if you have what it takes to be a moderator on the server and does not have all the commands of a full moderator.
Moderator: You have proven to be capable of performing the duties of a full moderator.
Admin: Your dedication to the server has been admirable and you are worthy of this special title.
Owner: The one and only true master of the server.

Current server host
Redstone Hosted, 12GB, dedicated IP, MySQL server.

I hope to see you on the server!

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