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FarmCraft - Co-Op Farming


What is FarmCraft?:
FarmCraft is a server like none other, it's a concept based server entirely around the idea of Farming and Ranching. You begin as Novice-Farmer and must work your way through the ranks, earning new crops, saplings, and even animals along the way. There are currently Six obtainable in-game ranks that you can rank-up through. Each time you rank up, you get access to more items, larger plots and easier money making opportunities.
To spice things up there are a variety of rare/vanity items that have been added into the game. Most vanity items are purchased with FarmCraft Tokens that are obtained by simply playing the game, as you get these for, Farming, Ranching and played time.

FarmCraft also offers a wide variety of custom coded content, that allows us to have more in-depth vanity items, advanced in-game items (Such as Cobblestone Generators, and Scrap Compressors), and much more! For more information, join us at or, visit our forums at

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