This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[1] No hack clients, cheating, or glitching.
[2] Impersonating staff is not allowed.
[3] No X-Raying.
[4] Alternate accounts to bypass bans are not allowed.
[5] Do not advertise other servers or links.
[6] Do not spam chat.
[7] No excessive swearing.
[8] Respect the server and all staff.
[9] Do not abuse exploits, report them.
[10] Discussion of ddos is not allowed.

H2OCraft Settings
PvP, Grief/Raid and Factions Server.
World Border is set to a radius of 15k blocks.
Nether Border is set to a radius of 1.5k blocks.
Village trading is disabled.
Server difficulty is set to Hard.
EnderChests are enabled in Defcraft.
EnderPearls cannot be used within spawn.
Chests are not protected by faction land.
Faction land protects: Land, Levers, FenceGates, TrapDoors and Doors.
God Apples are disabled.
Strength 2 potions are disabled

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