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In short, it is a factions-based RPG server in which players align themselves with one of three kingdoms. Initially, Players will have to prove their worth by completing a series of quests "The Trials of The Lord" in order to purchase a kingdom. The kingdoms begin as vacant strongholds including one castle and the exterior wall, it is up to the kingdom lords to make the kingdom flourish in glory! Of course, you're not forced to align yourself with a kingdom, you may choose to reserve your allegiance to yourself and play solo in neutral territory.

The three kingdoms will be encouraged to engage with other kingdoms, whether for better or for worse, to secure valuables and resources that will dictate how the kingdom fares from that point forward. Incentive for kingdoms to complete various tasks (constructing large monuments, gathering mass resources, etc.) will be provided by offering valuables as rewards upon completion of said objectives. Raids between warring kingdoms is also highly encouraged as the slaughtering of another kingdom's forces will greatly aid in securing the assaulting kingdom's future.
Along with quests and missions that will arise on occasions, Morrow is very susceptible to crazy random events. Monsters aren't strangers to the islands either, surviving will be tough and will more than likely require teamwork.

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