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Welcome to your new home
Chicago Craft staff has brought you a GTA style gameplay
mixed with your favourite game Minecraft.

We bring a server
that takes you into a world with many types of shops spread
all around the world.A City life style.With over 30 custom plugins that bring you unique
items and function to minecraft.Cars to cruise throught the towns
and cities.Guns to fight against your enemies when swords are not
enough.Money to invest in your ideas.Territory claiming so that
your gang has a place to call home.

-Mini Games
-Treasure chest
-Gang Territory
-building areas
-Plots For Sale
-Car Racing (not yet implemented)
-Horse Racing (not yet implemented)

Grab you friends and make a gang
take over the city by taking over plots.Own the hood and hold
it down.Make your gang bigger and you will be able to control a
bigger chunk of the city.

Become Rich and fund gang wars or just go crazy with power and
buy a arsenal of weapons.Use your ingame money to buy Donation
Ranks and other amazing perks.Hey if your rich enough you might
afford a permanent plot.

You want your own house well then hold down the wild.There is
Special areas in the map that allow you to build.they are
in the wild and can only be protected by faction protection.
Watch out tho these tend to be hot spots for enemies.

Extreme Pvp is on at all time and you will need to watch your back
while shopping,eating and even while your pissing.There is only
several locations were pvp is disabled.So keep a look out and use
what you know to thrive.

Want to know more:
Visit our website to find out more info on the server also to keep up with the
server community Vote for us and thank you to all our players

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