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Kings and Glory Hardcore Roleplaying Server

Kings and Glory Hardcore Roleplaying Server


Ateria; a land of vast beauty and danger, ranging from a frozen wasteland to a desert. In the careful balance of peace & tranquility, and violence & danger, Ateria is split into four distinct provinces, each of which with its own unique culture and history. Ruling over each province is a ruling house, or a noble family. Throughout Ateria there is the constant struggle for lordship, the royal throne, and even glory. Many want just a peaceful and simple life, but they are often overshadowed by the constant strive for power. And then, there is you.

In the world of Ateria, you will choose your path. Will you choose to live a humble, yet glorious life as a farmer? Or will you strive to bring your family to Householdship? There will be hardships and challenges you will face. Those who you call friends and family will die, some before your own eyes. What becomes of your life is entirely up to you; what becomes of your world is up to the gods. In the end, there is only one question you must ask yourself: Will you be glorious or a coward?

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