This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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SANCTUM 2 years ONLINE! 99+ plugins!


• Easy survival, Normal survival, Hard survival, Creative, Nether, and End worlds
• Simple ranking system: play and earn ingame money to buy ranks, or earn some through events
• Anti-hack and anti-cheats protection (your gameplay is safe with us)
• Protection against griefers (instant ban ; rollback of damages)
• No damage to the environment from creepers, endermen, withers, etc.
• LWC protection (lock your chests, furnaces, doors, dispensers, etc.)
• Protect your creations using regions by placing protection stones
• Economy system (Wallet, shops, money drops, pay commands)
• TOWNY peacefull!
• MCMMO (RPG skill levels, including rewards and abilities)
• Full support of Essentials: free kits, teleports, multiple homes, etc.
• Dynamic Map: see all the worlds from above and find a better place to live
• Multiplayer minigames including Mob Arena and Zombie Apocalypse
• PvP: behead your enemies and collect their skulls!
• PvP SCORES! PvP Modes! PvP Nights!
• Powerful server with minimal lag that can support up to 150 people online.
• Save your buildings via schematics and download them!

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