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Welcome to the true Naruto experience, you are here with the staff members of BloodCraft Naruto Realism. We have worked hard to create a server this well planned, our builders and professional workers are here to help everyone in need, we will guide you through the world and show you that a Naruto server can be both fair and balanced.

(Staff System):

We will not base our server off the corrupt owner rank, we will use a new system.

Admin: Like the server owner except there are four and they all have equal say over the community, they vote on their choices.

Moderator: They will not have builder, they will moderate chat and only do so. They must apply for builder if they want to.

Builder: Self-explanatory, they build for the server.

(Player Rankings:)

Genin - Chuunin - Jounin
Genin - Special-Nin - ANBU
Genin - Med-Nin - Medical Specialist

Chuunin exams are hosted every day.
Special-Nin, Med-Nin, ANBU, and Medical Specialist are hosted on Wednsdays and Saturdays.


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