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Hello all, I am pleased to announce that we have added some new things to our server. We hope you pay us a visit and enjoy LuBuCrAfT.

The creative world is 125x125 plots you can use to let your imagination run wild to come up with wonderful creations. RP, Skin contests, Marriage, and Adoption events are encouraged in the Plotme World. The possibilities are endless.
Our survival world now has factions and plug in with mcmmo. You may battle your enemies to defend your people and or even your gods in the game. plug in allows you to build alters. You can do quests for the gods and gain rewards as well as pray and them. You can protect the holy creatures and kill the unholy creatures that are considered by your gods. You can still make a faction just like the before and work on building up your base as well. Come on our server and give it a try. :D

hey guys Shady here just posting an update on the server I just recently thought of some ideas to add to the server here is where I will list them

  1. Horses - this plugin will allow u to summon, dismiss, and yes even buy urself a horse in the server but this is only a test atm to see if ppl will like it or not currently this plugin is only available in the PVE world or Survival2 world so if u want to test this plugin out and I hope ppl will like it reply ur opinion on this plugin on this post.

  2. Lockette - This plugin I thought about getting for only the PVE world or Survival2 world cuz for 1 reason since there is no factions to help protect ur chests from thieves I thought I might just install this they may destroy ur house but u will prolly have enough resources to build it a hundred times over so I hope u like this plugin I will not be putting this in the Faction world so srry it would just lose the point of raiding mostly as usual reply ur opinion on this plugin on this post

  3. No PVP Log - Since our recent trouble with ppl teleporting out of combat I had to put a cooldown on the teleport also put a wait time to teleport too, now you all have the audacity to log out while in combat some would call it pvp log most would call it cowardice ither way we have found a solution to this problem now if u want to pvp log out of the server u will automatically die and lose any stuff u had on u at the time so srry this had to be done but it was necessary so for those of u who wish to ur cowardice technique know this u will lose everytime. Now as usual reply ur opinion on this plugin on this post but if u don't like it I am afraid ur plea to remove it will fall on deft ears.
  1. Stats - This plugin I discovered came to me thinking that our sever was missing something I mean right now we have MCMMO but no stats to along with it so this allows u to have stats such as how many blocks u broke on the server and how many kills u have or how many deaths u have so on and so forth if u want to know the full list I will put the link of this plugin here in this post. this plugin will only be in the PVE and faction worlds. Reply with your opinion on this plugin.

  1. Achievements - this plugin is really cool it actually goes along with the stats plugin so if for example u break 1000 stone blocks on the server u will get an achievement with a reward with it too I thought this was pretty cool. Reply with your opinion on this plugin.

6.Craftbook - this plugin I wont go into great detail cuz its a pretty popular plugin but just to summarize it, it allows u to build bridges, elevators, and other stuff here is the link if u want a full list there is also a video for those who want to test them out. Reply with your opinion on this plugin.

  1. EliteWarn - this plugin is mostly for the admin and moderators this plugin will allow them to do /warn to ppl that break the rules on the server and by a curtain amount of warns it will automatically kick and ban them simple and effective. Reply with your opinion on this plugin.

  2. Chunkown - this plugin is for the PVE World only since we didn't have anyway to protect our buildings on the PVE world like we do on the Faction world I decided to find a plugin where u can own land in that world so here it is Chunkown this plugin allows u to purchase the land ur standing on with the money u have collected from killing mobs or from voting so not only do u have to buy stuff from the store but now u can buy land too in the PVE world. How exciting...for now just to get everyone started ppl can buy an area of land for $500 ingame money all u do is just stand on the area u want to buy and do /chunk buy and that's it ur area has been bought so I hope u have fun with this I know I will as usual reply to this with ur opinion. have fun

thats all for the new plugins I have also updated some plugins as well so there might be some new content on the old plugins already in the server that u might have access to so stay updated look at the forums regularly I will be posting updates on all new plugins that we install from now on


We will keep this updated for more changes as well as new youtube videos. Come check us out today! Thanks and enjoy! :D

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