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We are a great friendly server always looking for new players! We are always online 24/7. We have 20 player slots so the amount of players doesn't go out of hand so that we have a personal connection with each and everyone of our players! We are dedicated to creating the BEST player experience possible! Our site is, Have fun!

We have an array of GREAT plugins to provide our players with a unique, and fun experience. A few that stand out are: uSkyBlock- Have our own little island and build it up!Silkspawner- Mine MobSpawners with a Silktouch Pickaxe! Faction- Create your own town and have players join you and battle against other faction! CraftBay- Have a valuable item you don't need or just need money? Auction it! Timber- Easily chop those trees down! Plotworld- An ENTIRE world dedicated to your builds! iConomy- Player based currency and paying system! MoneyDrop- Collect money from the mobs you kill!

Our entire plugins list consist of 32 plugins, listed here: Simplebackup, EpicbossRecoded, uSkyBlock, MobArena, SurvivalGames, TorchThrow MOTDColor, GroupManager, Worldedit, Reforestation, Vault, Silkspawners, iConomy, AuthMe, OnTime, CraftBay, CoreProtect, FrogAnnounce, Timber, Color4Signs, MonsterBox, MoneyDrop, ManySmallTweaks, Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, Taxes, EssentialsAntiBuild, LWC, ChestShop, xVote, EssentialsChat, Faction, CreeperHeal, Plotme, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Inventories!

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