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Are you addicted to Minecraft? I know I am. The name of this server, minecrap, actually comes from my x-girlfriend who dumped me because I spend way too much time playing Minecraft. It was for the best. She liked country music.
Anyway, this server is what is known as an anarchy server. That means that there are no rules against killing other players, stealing their belongings and griefing their creations. It does not mean it is ok to try to hack the server or try to crash it. That's no fun. That's not to say you can't customize your client. Using mods that allow xray, mini-maps and flying are all perfectly acceptable. If you have a question about what types of client modifications are and aren't kosher, feel free to ask me in game, but the general rule of thumb is that if it disrupts other players' ability to play the game, then it is not allowed.
It is also a vanilla server. That means it uses the default server software from Mojang, rather than bukkit or some other 3rd party software, but more importantly it means there are no modifications, addons or plugins to the server. Just good old Minecraft, the way it was meant to be played. However, that does not mean that all I did was start the server, and call it good. That would be very lazy of me, and would introduce all sorts of problems. Thankfully, there are ways of dealing with such problems, and I'm pretty creative when it comes to coming up with solutions.
Have I piqued your curiosity? Then here's how you join:

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