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SmoegaCraft launched recently, this is a unique Faction PvP Server that uses Currency to spend in the Shop.


  • Smoega Points (Epic)
  • Smoega Points (Legendary)
  • Loyalty Points
  • Donator Points

Smoega Points are tradeable in the shop for Diamond Armor/Weapons and have a 5% drop chance from monsters, however the Legendary Smoega Points only have a 1% drop chance.

Loyalty Points are obtained by killing players, each player you kill will reward you 1 Loyalty Point. Spend these points in the Shop at the PvP vendors for Diamonds armour/weapons. (Custom PvP Items soon).

Donator Points are obtained by donating on our website. Spend these points in the Shop for Diamond Items and Custom Donator Items.

BEWARE: Diamond/Gold armour/weapons are not craftable. (Tools are craftable). Trade the diamonds/ingots for Smoega points in the shop at the Convert vendor!

This server also has a money economy. You will get $500 as soon as you join the server. Money is obtained by voting and using the auction house. Diamond/Iron armour/weapons are available for money in the shop.

This server is a Faction PvP server. Raiding and TNT is allowed. We do not refund any item when you got killed by another player.

Voting is available every 12 hours, voting will reward you $1000 and 3 emeralds. Trade your emerald in for Smoega Points or for Custom Voting Items(Coming soon)!

Read our rules thoroughly ingame at the spawn.

General Server information
Server IP: or
Server Website:
Server Owner: MistaChocolata
Server Moderators: leeroyNL, Tjeezer
Launch date: 5-6-2013 GTM+1

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