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WhiteMan Gaming Server Rules:

Here at WhiteMan Gaming. We are going to make our server rules short and simple. Remember that some rules may be added without notice and/or consent.

General Rules

  1. Please do not spam in chat. It annoys the staff and the community
  2. No harrasing, discrimination, racism, etc.
  3. No use of hacks, hack clients, or anything of that matter. If you see someone using a hacked client, report video evidence on the fourns.
  4. No abusing glitches. If you happen to encounter a glitch, tell staff immedietly. Abusing glitches can result in serious concequences.
  5. You may not act like you are part of staff and/or you cannot imitate staff and/or players
  6. There will be no attacks on somebodys internet, for example, DDosing, Dosing, RUDY, etc. Doing either of these things is illegal considering that you are basically stealing somebodys service.
  7. You may not advertise other servers. You can however, advertise your youtube channel or your livestream.
  8. No hate speech directed towards anybody
  9. Do not be rude or mean to staff and the players of the server
  10. If you see any staff member abusing their privileges and rights, you can send video evidence on the fourms and something saying why they should be deranked/banned. If the thread gets enough likes, we will take action
  11. Take caution when you add someone on skype. Skype is a way for hackers to get your ip which could be used to reveal your personal information.

Faction server rules

  1. There will be no "camping" at the non pvp zone and wating for somebody to go into the non pvp zone
    2.You may not tnt cannon spawn or grief any of spawn
  2. Do not spam up chat.
  3. You cannot advertise your faction. You can however, advertise your youtube channel and twitch account

Skyblock server rules:

  1. You cannot grief other peoples skyblock islands.
  2. You cannot abuse the skyblock plugin in any way shape or form. This includes making islands for extra resources
  3. If someone accidently comes to your island either by the /tpa command or something else, you cannot pvp that person and that person cannot pvp whoever is on the island. You can however, trade resources with one another

MobArena Rules:

  1. You cannot use hacks in the MobArena (defined in the general rules)
  2. You cannot grief the mob arena map(s). Doing so will result in a temporary ban. How long that ban is depends on the severity of the grief.
  3. You cannot change or alter, in any way, the MobArena leaderboards by using glitches

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