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DracoRPG - custom survival with an RPG twist.


At the beginning there war the graceful creator, Light Dragon. He created a beautiful world with nature and resources. However, when there is light, there is Darkness. As the Light Dragon resided in the realm of Kanos more often, the Darkness was rising. The Darkness grew so much that the Dark Dragon was formed both are formed of natural energy, the energy which governs players lives. The Dark Dragon came and contaminated the souls of of people without pure hearts and created The Horde, while the pure hearted formed The Elves in order to rid the world of darkness. As more and more people join, more and more power is attained. Now, all that needs to be done is for a side to achieve vindication....
I hope you players have a truly amazing experience You deserve!
Now Its Your turn You decide Your Choice....
We have lucky blocks that naturally spawn,custom bosses,47 new enchantments!,Slimefun a plugin that adds FTB to vanilla
And Custom Generating Dungeons

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