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Insomniac Servers Survival

Insomniac Servers Survival

Pier 17
Abandoned Castle
Ion River
Emerald Bay

About Insomniac Servers
We got our start in MineCraft as PowerKrew Servers hosting three classic servers and 2 beta servers. During a reorganization we changed our name and decided to focus on building community. We welcome all players looking to have a good time building and playing along side friends.

General Overview

Survival server hosted on a dedicated machine. Moderate internet connection. Located in Texas.


The server is not whitelisted - anyone can join and anyone can build.
Applying for Member rights grants you benefits to make life easier. Apply here.

  • Exile (Banned) (cannot build)
  • Peasant (Default) (Guest rank, can set 1 home and can place up to 4 protection stones)
  • Freeman (This is the first member rank. Set 3 homes, and can build inside the member zone. Can place 5 protection stones)
  • Knight (2nd member rank. Set 5 homes and place 6 protection stones) Earned after 2 months of active play on our servers.
  • Baron (This is the donation rank. Donating gives you 7 homes, custom name, and cash bonus in-game.)(See below how to donate)
  • Architect (Creative Mode and basic WorldEdit abilities [This is for build days])
  • Count (Moderator, Staff rank. Can fly, ban, and rollback grief
  • Duke (Admin, Staff rank. rank players, unlimited money, creative mode, worldedit, and most commands)
  • King (Owner, All Commands)

The help system is pretty good for info on commands. Typing /help will list all available commands to you. There will be several pages so "/help 2", etc. will get subsequent pages. You can also do a full text search of all commands and command descriptions, e.g. "/help tp" will list all commands that contain the letters "tp".

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