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Complex-Gaming Tekkit Classic

5/5 probably the best staff and most friendly community any server i've played on in the past 6 years of minecraft, really helpful too, love you Chaos, Jelly, Kyle and last but not least Frank<3
-ign Aksa03
Posted 5th Oct 2017
Well made server always being worked on and always have staff for any issues the game experience is ten times better than any other server. Definitely worth to donate to the server too. You have a great server why not help out the owner for his efforts. Great staff really helpful in every way. Owner active almost every day great server definitely should join.

IGN: FullyArmed
Posted 5th Oct 2017
This server has some great staff and has hardly any lag. Truly one of the best servers I've seen for modpacks. Come check it out and I'm sure you won't regret it. You will be welcomed and treated like a guest. Who wouldn't want that?

IGN: Aethexx
Posted 5th Oct 2017
The staff are always fair and never abuse there power like some in other servers.

One of the only fully functioning servers with staff on 24/hrs a day. Not to include that it's the only one I've found that has not crashed me.

It has multiple well made servers including survival, factions, and soon to come creative and skyblock. They truly are the only well made server out there.
@Fireiron130 Nick:FIRE
Posted 5th Oct 2017
I love the community on this server, they are so helpful and friendly! The staff enjoy helping people, they don't help because it's their job, they help because they want to!
Posted 5th Oct 2017
Greate server with alot of features!

Only a few banned items like worldanchor. Staff is super friendly and helpfull 10/10
Posted 28th Sep 2017
The server staff Offer's players bonuses and incentives based on them leaving good reviews, I find this to be a corrupt practice.

They list "No banned" items however at least 10 items are disabled or cant even be made at all (isn't that just about the same as banned?).

The only ways to make money on the server are killing mobs (mobs are cleared about every minute by staff so mob killing is limited), and selling ore blocks obtained from silk touch.

Only 1 vote crate works, the possible winnings are 64 iron bars, 32 gold bars, 3 dark matter or 1 LV solar array.

There isn't a pvp arena or mini games as advertised.

There are no jobs as advertised, the server currently is a white-list only server.

Recommend find a different server!
Posted 13th Sep 2017
Very few to no banned items, with tweaks to prevent bugs of course, which is understandable.

Just a little bit of lag, 0 lag isn't realistic for a high populated server running on modded minecraft, even if it is just Tekkit Classic.

The staff is from what I've experienced just yet helpful.

~DKnightADRI [IGN]
Posted 9th Sep 2017