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ShinxCraft [24/7] [Pixelmon 2.5.4] [Bukkit] [Furni


Download the ModPack from this announcement and install it before connecting to the server!!!!!!!!!!

Alongside Pixelmon, we use a few other mods. You can download the modpack here: ShinxCraft Texture and Mod Packs


About ShinxCraft:
The Shinx Region is a vast land filled with mystical creatures known as pokemon. You will embark on a long and exhausting journey where you will have many encounters with these Pokemon and you may make many friends and have many battles during your journey. When it comes time to settle in and make a home for yourself, you can protect land to build on or buy a house or even set up more than one and collect resources from the Resource World to build with! You can even resell your plots and be a real estate tycoon! Or you can get a pokemon team to become a Gym Leader, get many gym pokemon teams and rank up to Multi Leader! Or even try for Elite Four or one of our Elite League Gym Leader positions!

ShinxCraft is Pixelmon-modded, Bukkit Survival/Adventure server based in the Shinx Region. There are many aspects of the server that will give the players always something to do! Players can buy items from the Pokemart, or even the Drac City Department Store when you beat the Elite 4! You can sell the drops from pokemon at our Pawn Shop and some other items are bought by the Pawn Shop as well. You can open a store and sell all your other items that you can't seem to get rid of! Purchase housing at the various towns or buy a plot and build your own house or town! Although you may build in the Resource World, it resets every two weeks, so it wouldn't be a viable option! There will be many events and competitions to take part in as well!

Shinx Region Gym Lineup:
Grass Gym - Gym Level: 15 - Grasveld Town
Poison Gym - Gym Level: 20 - Veleno City
Ghost Gym - Gym Level: 25 - Eidolon City
Water Gym - Gym Level: 30 - Rano Outpost
Steel Gym - Gym Level: 35 - Seridi Town
Dark Gym - Gym Level: 40 - Feldmoor
Bug Gym - Gym Level: 45 - Korin Village
Ground Gym - Gym Level: 50 - Earthern Ridge
Normal Gym - Gym Level: 55 - Quartite Town
Electric Gym - Gym Level: 60 - Ildinir City
Fighting Gym - Gym Level: 65 - Vechten Outpost
Flying Gym - Gym Level: 70 - Sirocco Town
Psychic Gym - Gym Level: 75 - Clarion City
Ice Gym - Gym Level: 80 - Crystal City
Fire Gym - Gym Level: 85 - Cinderton
Dragon Gym - Gym Level: 90 - Drac City
Rock Gym - Gym Level: 95 - Fossilite Town

Shinx Region Elite 4 Lineup:

The ShinxCraft Staff
Owner - DJ_FluXxX {Natsu} {Michael}
CoOwner - DJQuixotic {Quix} {Kevin}
Head Admin - Lucidenigma {Habit} {Eli}

Administrator - celanedgo {Alec}
Administrator - SwiftRooki3 {Tim}
Administrator - Open
Administrator - Open
Head Moderator - Open
Moderator - Lemon_Balm
Moderator - xAzza_10
Moderator - Open
Moderator - Open
Moderator - Open
Moderator - Open
Head Builder - PhoenixLuffy {John}
Builder - facekitty2
Builder - Sergeant_Dude
Builder - Open
Builder - Open
Builder - Open

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