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This is a brand new server and we are looking for staff and loyal players. This server is starting out as a Creative/Factions/Survival/Pvp/Raid/Grief but we plan on adding much more when we have the player base to support our decisions. The server is staff by players who know what they are doing so you are bound to always have someone to help you, if you find yourself in trouble that is. The server runs on 8 cpus and 32 gb of ram and it never lags.
1: Be Respectful - We don't want to see players bash on each other but to sort things out in a mature way.
2: Don't ask for ranks/items - If you are intrested in joining staff then do so in private message.
3: Any/All Hacked clients are not allowed - this means anything that gives you something that other players don't have access to. (Mini maps / optifine are allowed)
4: No advertiseing/spawn - Please do not fill the chat with adverts or spam.
5: Obey all staff - Staff word is final, however if their is staff abuse follow their commands but let another staff know and we will sort out your claim.
6: No spawn/home camping - No camping at spawn or setting homes in other player homes and killing them over and over.
7: Enjoy your stay :) - we hope to see you on the server and becoming a regular.

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