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Mythcraft Middle earth roleplaying game




Mythcraft is a strict-roleplaying server based on Tolkien's Middle-Earth. Our main goal is to re-create the Middle-Earth in its 4th based on our beliefs. Our Middle-Earth is an exact replica of Tolkien's, so our players can get in their characters better and breathe the air of Middle-Earth.

You will begin your journey as a simple Gondorian in vast lands of Gondor and based upon your choices you will climb the stairs of hierarchy. You can be a simple farmer, work in a bank, be a fickle sellsword. You can bend your knee to a lord or use politics to make other bend their knees before you. If you are sick of being on the good side being a villain (bandit, orcs) is one application away!

All our system is based on players so you will not be trading with cyber Money but solid gold. You will not face npc's but your friends as shop keepers. But NPC's throughout the map will give you quests and send you to adventures or attack you as villains!

We have a very friendly Staff Team. All of your members are dedicated to the server and chosen from our best players. They know what they do.

A unique feature of our server is that it is bi-lingual. Meaning that English speaking players will begin their journeys in Gondor speaking westron while Turkish speaking players will begin their journeys in Rohan speaking Rohirric. But westron (English) is the common language of middle-earth.


Our main playable race is man. Our players are free to choose sub-races of men to play. Races are divided between Westorn (English) and Rohirric (Turkish) speaking races. Gondorians, Dunlendings and Dalelings speak Westorn while Vrykul, Rohirrim and Easterlings speak Rohirric. The main race for English speakings players is Gondorian. Other race options vary according to the current lore.

Orcs, Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves and Druids are special races. New players may not play as them. Orcs are relatively easier to obtain as playable race compared to the rest.

Men were a mortal race of people and were the Second Born of the Children of Ilúvatar. They awoke in the First Age and spread throughout Middle-earth.

Gondorians are descendts of the Numenorean colonists who settled Middle-Earth in the Second Age.

Rohirrim were the decedents of the Eotheod, horsemen who came from the sources of the Great River Anduin, near where the Grey Mountains met the Misty Mountains.

Dunlendings, also known as Wildmen of Dunland, were the people of Dunland. They are known as a fierce culture.

Vrykul are a race of men who lives North West of Middle-Earth. The harsh conditions they live in made them vicious and tough. They live in tribes.

Easterlings , commonly known as the Men of Darkness, are a race of Men who lived in the vast and uncharted lands of Rhun east of Mordor and the Sea of Rhun.

Orcs were a race of evil beings first bred by Morgoth from corrupted and tortured Elves. They mostly lived in the darkness in mountain caves because their dislike of sunlight.

Hobbits, an offshoot of the race of men, were a variety of Middle-earth people shorter than men and characterised by curly hair and large hairy feet.

Dwarves were short, stocky, hairy humanoids, good at forging and mining. They were created by Aulë the Smith.

Elves were an immortal race of people, the First Born of the Children of Ilúvatar. Elves loved music and beauty and are described as the fairest and wisest of all creatures in Middle-earth.

Druids are offsprings of Beorn and Elf Meldian. They can transform in to animals.

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