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Hello friends!
My server is a Minecraft MMORPG Wasteland Survival Server, waiting for this to be released.

The Vault is a ‘Post Apocalyptic’ themed server based off a variety of games and movies such as the Fallout series and Mad Max. The massive wasteland world lets the players thrive from the depths of abandoned mines to the heights of crumbling skyscrapers. Players can either choose to play alone or team up to make the ultimate band of bandits. Since the server is massively combat based, stepping out of the vault could lead to your painful fate. Face the threats of nature from dying of dehydration to being eaten alive by packs of mutant wolves. The server comes along with its custom resource pack made with fantastic 3D models, We are grateful to share the amazing Vehicles and Weapons created to add a more original effect to The Vault.

How do I sign up?
Well if you'd like to join contact me on Skype.
Skype: wattnetwork



  • Bosses and mobs all around the map
  • 3D modeled vehicles
  • Immersive open world
  • Vehicular combat
  • Premade ranks and donor benefits
  • Permissions all finished
  • Fancy chat layout
  • Hundreds of different custom made weapons and items
  • 3D models galore!
  • Custom resource pack
  • 3D modeled guns
  • Community backing
  • Lottery system
  • Player stickers
  • Custom fishing
  • Clans
  • Soul binding
  • Heaps of different 3D modeled vehicles
  • So much more!

What do the vehicles look like?
A very basic vehicle, I'll let you guys see the rest.


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