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The Mustache Brigade - Get Modpack

The Mustache Brigade is a pretty fresh TekkitLite based custom modpack server that is seeking new players to come and explore the land of Mustachia.

Please check the site for instructions on using our easy to install custom mod pack before attempting to log in. Simply visit our site and click How to Join.

We are currently running the Mustache Pack which is based on tekkitlite with some additional mods and with a few (server-side only) code modifications to various mods to increase security in a public environment:

Our server offers

A great economy that has been carefully crafted to offer balanced and fun server economy.
Earn your first credits through hard labor (Mining). Occasionally you will earn money automatically when mining certain ores. Don't worry we also offer a monthly reset mining world (The outlaw world). Once you establish or join another town you may want to build a shop, you can do so either on your own land or at the server's market.

The market is an area surrounding spawn which lies on both east and west of sides of spawn. The east and west market together contain over 60 shop plots, each plot is a 16x16 block chunk of land that can be rented for a one time fee and kept for as long as the shop is maintained.

Masses of player owned towns When joining our server you are able to make your own town, each town starts with a 16x16 block chunk of land an can be expanded according to the town's population (at population 1 you are allowed 16 chunks).
Or you can join another town, if they offer.

Legit play We strive to keep everything fair, no matter your the status of the players. Take a look at the donor perks we offer, you'll not find a bunch of over powered options, masses of free diamonds, or any of the normal rewards that make other players feel like they might as well not bother playing without donating. While donations are appreciated, we feel its a better service to the donors to keep the game fair and playable.

Minigames! Several minigames are available for play, gameworld is accessible from the portals room near spawn. Includes several original designs and several tekkified versions of our player's favorite popular games.

Things to note

• We run a custom modpack, forked off from TekkitLite but adding several fun and exciting mods.

• You may notice several new mobs and animals introduced on our server thanks to a great mod.

• Several new types of foods are available to cook and craft on our server, giving you even more choices for what type of factory you want to make.

• Applied Energistics replaces tekkit lite's logistics pipes as it is more stable and more fun!

• We have disabled Nukes and all form of explosives for the sake of keeping everything clean.

• PVP is disabled by default. PVP can be enabled inside a town by the town leaders. Be aware of the notices on your screen when walking into a town, it will notify you when you are entering a PVP enabled town.

• The only chunkloader available is the dimensional anchor. We run a custom server side version of this mod that allows for some very interesting features.

• Various mods that are known to bypass block break permissions are restricted to the wasteland world, which we called our Outlaw World. This does not include turtles, our server runs a custom server side version of CC that enforces turtles to follow permissions.

Join us today Click Here

We can offer you a welcoming environment free from PVP - except in certain areas - so that you as a player can build and work in peace without having to worry about being slain by other players.

We have a friendly and hard working staff that always aims to perfect your gaming experience.

P.S If you have a skin with a mustache you may receive a special reward upon joining our server. Show a mod your mustache to redeem.

Best regards, TMB Staff.

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