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Fort Bisnovat

Sunrise At Spawn

Sunrise At Spawn

Enjoy a beautiful sunrise at our spawn!

Greetings fellow Miners, Crafters, and Farmers!

Fort Bisnovat is almost ready to release! After months of work, we have finally finished the core gameplay features. We currently boast of a single Factions server.

However, the odd bug still lurks here and there. That's why we have decided to host a month-long Open Beta until August 14th. During this time period, you can help test out our gameplay features and voice your suggestions about what to add, remove, or modify!

We plan on expanding our network as our players' needs grow. We want to give you the best Minecraft experience there is to offer! All we ask is that you add Fort Bisnovat to your server list and check us out every so often.

We're looking forward to hanging out with you!

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