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Hello MineServers! my name is Danny (DannySan626). I host a Spigot Minecraft server 24/7 through Exodus Hosting. This server is also part of a small community of gamers like you. The aim is to have a fair, fun, and friendly server for anyone to join and be apart of. We do not run a "pay to win" type server and abide by the Minecraft EULA as best as we can.

When you first join, we encourage you to read our rules by typing /rules in the chat window. Reading the rules can help you stay out of jail and on the server to continue playing with the community.

The server runs in a way that a player is in control of their own experience. You must claim your homes using factions claiming in order to be protected. Along with claiming, we have a plugin added to keep factions looking beautiful by restoring areas that have been blown up by creepers or any other explosions that may occur. It even restores blocks destroyed by fires! Just remember, you are in control and should only allow players into your faction that you absolutely trust.

We encourage everyone to join our website first to obtain Membership. It is free and all you have to do is register an account on Enjin, add your minecraft character to your profile, and then finally JOIN our website. It is easy, no really the links explaining how to do so are below:

How To Add Character:

After doing those things, join the server, and you will be welcomed by anyone online at that moment!

IMPORTANT: When you log onto the server, you will find information on plugins, ranks, and info about the server in the University. Just type /warp university to get there and start learning!

Well we hope you have fun and decide to stay with us for a long time!


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