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BrokenLens Games

BrokenLens Games


Welcome to BrokenLens Network

The place for fun and friends! With multi-version support and now featuring cross-play between Java Edition and Bedrock Edition! gather your friends together independent of what Minecraft version they have and join the fun!

On BrokenLens you will find:

  • SkyWars: You will be battling your opponents in an epic sky battle to be the last person alive!

  • SurvivalGames / TeamSuvivalGames: Loot chests, find excellent items, kill your opponents and win the game!

  • OneInTheChamber: A PvP Free-For-All minigame based on the popular COD game series!

  • TNTTag: It's like normal tag, but if the countdown goes off and you're it, you explode!

  • TeamSkyWars: Battle in the sky with a team mate that will help you win the game!

  • HideAndSeek: Hide from the seekers and don't get caught! If you die, you become a seeker and must find your opponents.

  • BowSpleef: Kill your opponent by removing the ground underneath them with a bow, but make sure it doesn't happen to you!

  • TNTRun: RUN! The floor underneath you disappears as soon as you walk over it! Be careful not to fall!

  • BlockParty: What is the next color? Where do you go? Be the fastest player to win!

  • QuakeCraft / TeamQuakeCraft: Gib your opponents with your powerful guns! First to 25 kills, wins!

  • TheBestBuilder / TeamBuildBattles: Create a build based on a theme, then vote on your most favorite build to win!

  • MicroBattles: You and your teammates will fight 3 other teams to win the match!

  • DrawAndGuess: A player will draw based of a theme and you must guess the word to score the most points to win!

  • TagHunters: Two teams will fight in a battle to collect DogTags in order to win the game!

  • Splatter: Two teams have three minutes to cover the ground with ink. The team that claims the most turf with their ink color wins the battle!

  • MurderMystery: One Murderer, One Sheriff and many innocents, witness murders and figure out who the murderer is, aiding the sheriff while doing so. Can you solve this mystery?

  • MobWars: Collect Iron and Diamonds, purchase excellent items, help your teammates destroy the opponent teams' mobs and kill the other teams' members to win the game!

And many other gamemodes coming soon!

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