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UltimatePvPCraft is a new server where there are lots of unique ways to play! For example, we have Hunger Games, and several PVP Arenas that are coming soon. This server is not one of those anti griefing servers, in fact we encourage you to raid and grief other bases. We have a very friendly staff and are searching for the same type of people for our mods. There are many staff positions available and if you want to post your staff application then click on the spoiler. We also have many great donation packages, which are encouraged to help pay server fees. This server is prepared for a heavy load, as 16gb of RAM is at our disposal. We are awaiting a friendly playerbase, so come check it out! Unlike most Hardcore PvP Servers, we allow you to place TNT, lava buckets and the rest of the blocks in the game. (We obviously do not allow ender chests) Come check us out now, we promise you won't be disappointed. This server is planning on being up for a long time, and we are always expanding. Don't like something? Suggest a change to any staff member and we will listen!

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