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Minecraft Worlds
The original Updawg world was created in 2011. Since then it has been built up, updated, upgraded, expanded and revamped. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of land near the spawn for the taking! Although the original Updawg world is still very much alive, many other worlds have been added and our players are able to portal from one to the next. To accommodate many times of players there are PVP and Non-PVP worlds and you may freely portal between them on the same server. All worlds at this time are Survival style worlds. We run several mods to assist players in their gaming experience. The full list of mods can be found below. There is an in game tutorial to help you understand how to use the mods that are running on the Updawg server. There is something different we do with the Updawg server that seems to set us apart from other Minecraft servers. From time to time we go in to a Temporary Chaos period. You can read more about this below.

The mods that we have selected are mainly for player use. This includes line-of-sight teleportation, warping, in game mail, currency system, multiple worlds, block protection, chest protection, and much more. We even have a mod that will allow us to import builds from other maps. Simply speak with an admin about getting your builds from other worlds pasted in to the Updawg world! Here is the list of mods currently in use:
-- Essentials (warping, currency system, and much more...)
-- Multiverse (multiple worlds)
-- WorldEdit (copy/paste blocks from other maps, admins only)
-- WorldGuard (block and chest protection)

Temporary Chaos
Whenever a large update for Minecraft is release, it takes time for the mod developers to update the mods we are using. Sometimes this takes weeks. We could wait to enjoy the content that was provided by the Minecraft update but we don’t. Instead we start a Temporary Chaos period. During this time our Updawg worlds are backed up and put aside. We launch a brand new world that is fully up-to-date with the new Minecraft release so we can enjoy all the new content and start acquiring all the new items. PVP is enabled, there is no block protection for your builds, and we do not run any mods while the Temporary Chaos period is active. During this time you are allowed to kill other players freely and steal from their chests if you can find them. This is a great time to put all of your trap building skills in to good use. Once the mod developers release their updates we then update the Updawg worlds and bring them back online. There will be a warp in the “Nexus” that will allow you to travel from the Updawg worlds back to the Temporary Chaos world so that you are able to gather up everything you acquired and bring it all back to the Updawg worlds. Don’t forget to do this because whenever we start a Temporary Chaos period, the previous Temporary Chaos world is deleted. So go kill, loot, and HIDE!

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