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Thank you to everyone who decided to check out the server and the website. I (Zevickz) have been pondering the idea of creating a server for a while. Thanks to MurdocYT and x0dastar0x_Bae for building the mines that you will use daily. Also thanks to Grudgeful for building the spawn! On prison you will find many customizable things. There are tokens for custom enchantments, a cool ./warp gui, multipliers and very op pickaxes. If you would like to vote for the server and getting $500,000 and 1 Vote Key sounds good to you, do /vote. Since most of us are out of school for the summer, there is a summer sale! Use the code "SUMMER" for 25% off at! Since this is a new server, there may be some bugs as the bar on the top may tell you to report bugs! If you do report a bug, you can recieve a Report Key which can be used at ./warp crates.


The ZenPrison ranks are as followed.

Bronze: $10 | Silver: $25 | Gold: $50 | Ruby: $100 | Sapphire: $150 | Diamond: $200 | Zen: $250 (use ./buy)

You may apply for the "Helper" rank at the forums. There will be a format on how you should fill it out. Stick to the format! If you have donated to the server, you have a better chance to get helper than an unranked.

If you are a good builder, and would like to build your own mine for a rank, use your plot to build a mine! If it is good enough, we will use it as a mine or as a prestige mine!

We might add more ranks ;)

We Will DEFINATELY be adding prestiges.

If you have any permissions problems, please contact any form of a staff member.

Thank you for choosing to play on

  • Zevickz

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