This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The Horizons Network 1.7.10

Network Lobby
Survival Server
Factions Server
SkyBlock Server
SkyGrid Server

Server IP:


PvP disabled in main world.
Build on protected land of up to 100x100 blocks alone, or with friends.
Complete tons of quests across multiple worlds, for loot.
Level up with McMMO, and master your skills.
Take part in events and compete to win big money.
Attempt to survive wave after wave of mobs, alone or with friends, in mob arena.
Rent plots in our trade town cities, to set up shops.
Auction items.
4 diverse PvP arenas for those who still want to battle.

Fight to survive in a world at war.
Form factions with fellow players to protect eachother.
Go to war against other factions and take their loot.
Set player bounties to turn the whole server against a single player.
Level up with McMMO, and master your skills.
Auction items

Build in creative mode where the only limitation is your imagination.
Builder ranks awarded on your building skills.
Each rank grants you access to a new world with larger plots.
Work your way from 64x64 Novice plots, to 512x512 GrandMaster plots.
Vote daily for world edit.
Set warps to share your plots with the world.
Take part in monthly themed build contest, on 200x200 plots, for awesome prizes.

Spawn on a small island, floating high in the sky.
Survive and thrive with the few starter items found on the island.
Play alone, or team up with friends and share an island.
Complete challenges to earn rewards.
Create shops on your island for players to visit.
Auction items across the server.

Spawn on a single block floating high in the sky.
Jump from block to block collecting reasources to survive.
One wrong move and fall into the void.
Protect up to 256x256x15 blocks to build on alone, or with friends.
Create shops for others to visit.
Auction items across the server.
Including both the Nether and End skygrid worlds.

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