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UltimateRaid| Hardcore Factions!
Ultimateraid is a new Hardocre factions server, We have a really small world border so players who are severe raiders can easily locate bases, So a tip to basebuilders. PROTECT YOUR HOME!

We Are a brand new community and are building up, so please, if there is a lack of players in the beggining, Please stay with us for a few more days! If you saw the banner, we have many many features to offer players! For example we have bases Staff Make near Desertpvp or Plainspvp for players to raid! We host dropparties and special events to allow players to get started and Win Donator ranks for free! We are Hardcore raiding so Creeper Eggs and Tnt ARE CHEAP!

Starting Out
When you first join you will have no items, So in order to recieve items you can tryour amazing kits!
/kit starter [Iron armor set][Diamond sword sharp1][16 Obsidian][16 Log][32 Cobble][4 GoldenApples]
/kit GrandOpening [1 Diamondblock][1 Ironblock][1 Goldblock]

You will also begin with $500!

To Start a community, We need players, and those players are you! So please join us for our grandopening

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