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Wanderland Towny II - [new world] [PvP] [mcMMO] [S


Wanderland Towny II

Greetings everyone! I am here to introduce the Wanderland Towny Server ( - Map #2! We are a Towny/mcMMO/PvP server with a strong player-base and just launched a new map for 1.7! We're hosting CraftBukkit 1.7.x (dev) on a dedicated server and will be upgrading capacity to meet demand so no matter how many players we get there will be plenty of room for lag-free play. We have friendly and active admins and a steadily growing group of dedicated players. Come get in on the fun!

The server rules are very simple:
[1] Do not use third party programs to give you an unfair advantage or circumvent the mechanics of the server. (e.g. Nodus, X-ray)
[2] Report perceived holes in the server's mechanics. Do not exploit server glitches, errors, or bugs. No item duplication.
[3] Do not use hate speech in global chat channels.
[4] Do not post an IP or URL address in global chat channels.
[5] Do not grief or steal in a town once you have joined it. Griefing, stealing, and PvP are all permitted in any Wilderness areas.
[6] Respect the requests of server staff. If you are asked to stop doing something by server staff, respect their wishes. All staff are encouraged to handle situations as they see fit.

The server is meant to be somewhat challenging. There are no default teleportation (e.g. /home, /spawn) commands and you will need to sleep in a bed to set your home. The survival difficulty is 3 - Hard.

We hope to support a large, vibrant Minecraft community that will work together to build some impressive cities and nations! If this server sounds right for you, we look forward to seeing you in-game!


  • _Wanderer (owner)
  • Nocturn (admin)
  • AliceTimbers (admin)

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