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StayingAlive Network

StayingAlive Network


StayingAlive Network is an amazing, new upcoming RPG Factions Server with spells and more! When you first start the server, there are two races. You can change your race later on in the game as well. Each race gives two different traits that changes your gameplay experience. There are also 4 classes which you can change anytime you want. Each class allows you to use different spells and magic. For example, there are fireballs, explosions, walls that summon in front of you and even slow fall that can protect you from fall damage for a certain time. Come on the server to learn more! This server is also based on FallOut. There are no guns but it has some aspects of the game. Radiation, Fatigue and Dehydration are also some features of the game that you have seen no where else! Come join us at


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