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Vespa Survival


The Vespa Network is a relatively new Server Network that offers and is going to offer tons of unique experiences.

Vespa Survival is our oldest server that has been running for over 3 years! It has grown vastly and gained a lot of custom elements that can't be found anywhere else. While keeping the classic Minecraft Survival feeling we added and developed amazing plugins that enhance your experience. With friendly members and staff always willing to help, you'll make tons of friends and have a cosy and relaxing experience.

YuPball new
YuPball is a very lengthy game project that we've been working on for a very long time. YuPball offers a unique and custom paintball experience by introducing 5 different gamemodes, over a dozen kits to help you fight, custom achievements, ranks, tons of stats and so much more.
YuPball is a fast paced game with a flush voting and donating system that makes your experience unforgettable. Including unique, custom and epic, popular maps. On top of that; YuPball is a very new server and is still in beta stage so new features are added almost weekly! Join today to see the server grow and have an amazing experience!

YuPball has it's own IP and is still in beta stage! So please report any bugs and use the following IP to connect to the server:

More to come
The vespa network is pretty new and there's still so much planned, one of our next projects include an epic hub, unique PvP games, Arcade games and super secret projects :o
Join our site to get more info about this growing and vastly expanding network:

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