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You log in, nothing to be seen, CAGED, you seem like an animal. You stumble to your feet to find a way out. You find this strange portal, and approach it. You walk inside, wondering what will happen. You are taken to a lush, fantastic wetland area. But alas, you find that you cannot speak. You hope on finding an end to this seaming nightmare.... When you are out, almost (to some power extent) a limitless amount of things can be done! In this world, of CultureCraftia! Insert Adventurous Upbeat Music Here-About-Culture Craft is basically just a large (small in comparison) server that basically wants you to have fun, giving you abilities and special skills that you unlock as you level. The leveling system is doing almost anything you can think of, mining, digging, building,
killing, whatever you can do, you can get experience to level up. Leveling up also gives you access to new ranks. CultureCraft is also about what YOU want. Give suggestions about what you may later want to see on this server! Survival world that is factions specific or you can go it alone! Many factions exist in CultureCraftia, join the one you want, or make your own! Join occasionally, frequently, however much you feel you want. Your level will never go away, it won't change when you are gone, everything is saved no matter what. Thanks to votify, when you vote for us you get rewarded! Similar rewards can be earned through donations, though your experience of the server will not change if you do decide to donate
Ip: Culture.Mcph.Co Forums: Site:
We have 3 different worlds to go to. Main world, Nether, End (with one yet come) (Dragon respawns 1 hr after death). All of themare equaly fun and simple.Nether:Up and running.
End:Up and running
We have massive amounts of different towns in CultureCraft, the list is continuously growing as the community grows!All Ranks are acheived by leveling up. How does one level up? Play minecraft!Ranks:
[Nub]-Starting Rank - N/A
[Rookie]-After you finish nub :)
[Member]- lvl 40
[Elite]-lvl 100
[Vet]-lvl 160
[Hero]-lvl 200+Special ranks after lvl 250 come online to see!
Special ranks
[RookieCouncil] - First rank of council limited abilities new responsibility. Sign an application form on the website to apply
[Council] - More abilities more responsibility. Get voted in by the HighCouncil!
[HighCouncil]-Get voted in by other HighCouncil members and make important decisions for the server and community. To apply for council fill out an application in the forums!
Type /Rules ingame to find out ;) .

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