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Pets - Rcrew has multiple pets, donors can choose from!

Stacker - Ride your friends! Pick them up and throw them.

PvP - You can now fight in the hub. Don't worry you are only in PvP mode when you hold out the sword. Your killstreak is displayed in your XP bar.

Firework Launcher - Punch a player with the firework and they go flying in the air. (Person must have Hub Fun enabled)

Hats - Donors have access to putting on any hats in the GUI.

Clothes - Donors can customize their look with colorful armor.

R-Effects*- Give yourself effects like hearts, sweat, fire etc.

Economy - Sell, buy, auction items with in game money

Bounty - Place Bounties on other players.

McMMO- Level Up you skills for a better advantage!

Private Factions chat - Chat with only your factions members and ally's.

Levels - If you are a non-donor but want a taste of what donors have, you may buy levels with in-game money!

Slot Machines - Try your luck and see if you can win the big jackpot of money!

Pvp Arena - Now fight in an arena without having to worry about Faction power loss, or fighting your own faction members!

Pets - Have pets, which protect you, and you protect it. Train it, make your pet the best! You must nurture it. Its like having a Pokemon! (You don't need to be a donor to have this feature)

Free Food - A small place where plenty of Cows and Pigs spawn, for you to get food from!

Marriage* - Have a Minecraft wedding!

Hug/Kiss other players* - Be able to hug your friends and kiss.



Guns - Use guns to shoot down your enemies.

Cars - Ride in a car (minecart [driven anywhere, not on just rails]). Much faster way to travel.

Cops [new] - Link in GTA, if you don't obey the law, cops will chase you! If you kill a player, cops may chase you.

Levels - Never done by any other GTA server (including premium servers) a leveling up system. We've tried to bring a close GTA experience. You can now rank up with levels and gain awesome perks.

Apartments* - Rent out apartments and keep your items safe.
Casino - Try your luck in a slot machine, casino.

Bank - Use items to store away your money safely from police and your enermies.

Gangs - Have your own gang. Target specific enemy gangs, keep up your gang power and kdr (kill death ratio).

Food - There is all types of "food". If you know what I mean.

Clubs [new] - Join the club with your friends! (Clubs contain explicit content, make sure you're over 18!)



Story - We have a story in our prison. Why you are in prison, how you got in prison and what will happen if you escape prison.

Secret - There are secrets hidden in the prison which you must find to build up your understanding of whats actually going around you.

Plots - A plot world to keep items safe and build a house. Whatever you want to do in your plot is protected by you.

Black Market - Sell items like diamonds, emeralds etc. Especially tho those low districts to make a nice profit!

Districts - Instead of blocks, we made it districts since it best suits our story line.

Guards - As usual prison has guards. We need more of them too.

Cells - Has cells which you can rent out.



Capture The Flag - Capture the other teams flag and bring it back to your base. Use guns to help to achieve the mission.

Draw My Thing - One at a time a player will be given a word. They will be asked to draw it whilst others guess what the builder is making. (Like pictionary)

Paintball - Try and be the best team and knockout the other in paintball!

Mario Kart - Race with your friends. Just like the DS game! With powerups and Mario replicated maps!

Block Hunt - Just like Garry's Mod Prop Hunt. You got to hide, and try not to get killed by the seekers.

Zombies - Fight against the undead with all forces including guns!

Spleef/BowSpleef/Splegg - Knock down the floor so your opponent falls through.

Color Shuffle - Run to the selected color before the time runs out and the floor falls out from beneath you.

Creative - Rcrew's biggest plots! 100x100 plots. Show off your creativity!



Personal Island - Have your own personal island which is protected from other players. Expand your small island to some big.

Shop - Sell the items you've farmed and gain better building materials.

Create your own shop - Make your own shop and get other players to buy
from you. Starting your own business.

Auction - Auction off items, and bid on them.

Parkour - An awesome parkour course at spawn where you can receive prizes after you finish it everyday!

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