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Storm Gaming - HardCore PVP


Hello and welcome to our HardCore PVP Server Page!

To make gameplay on our servers more challenging and fun, we developed a bunch of great custom plugins that make us special.
For example, eating Bread will heal 2.5 Hearts and Saturate 3.5 Hunger, eating Mushroom Stew will heal 3.5 Hearts and Saturate 4.5 Hunger.
Those features turn pvp into a skill-base challenge.
For those people who love raiding, we have developed a tracking plugin. Here's how it works:
A tracking is basically a construction made of a Diamond Block, Obsidian Arms and Gold Blocks at the end of the Arms. The tracking distance depends on how
long the Obsidian Arms of your tracker are. Every single Obsidian Block tracks out 15 Blocks in the real world. This makes raids a true challenge.
Instead of using factions, we are using our own custom Team Plugin. With the features it gives you you can have a team base, a team rally and Friendly Fire.
We also have shops, where you can buy useful items. You can get the money for the shop by selling Gold Ingots/Emeralds, Voting or Donating.
Our ranks are: Peasant(Default Player), Squire, Knight, Baron, Earl, Lord, Mod, Dev, Admin, Owner. You can find our more about ranks by using /ranks in-game.

We hope you enjoy our servers, we really appreciate good feedbacks in form of YouTube videos, Donations.
Hope to see you soon!

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