This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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(1.5.2) (Cracked) renojonathan's Anarchy Server


Nuke your enemies. Taint their land. Ambush them with guns. Hide your base in another dimension. Make industrial-strength traps for your most-hated rivals. Create masterpieces of industrial craftsmanship. Explore new Ages. The possibilities are endless.

This server is cracked for your convenience.

Mods include Equivalent Exchange 3, Mystcraft, IndustrialCraft 2, BuildCraft, Twilight Forest, Dimensional Doors, Mo' Creatures, ExtraBiomesXL AND Biome's O' Plenty, Metallurgy 3 and Nether ores.

You need to download the following modpack to play on my server:

NOTE: Several people have tried to log in to my server with the wrong MC version. Don't do it. Make sure you get a launcher for version 1.5.2 and below because the 1.6/1.7 launcher will NOT work with mods.

Forge, OptiFine and Player are all included. Dependencies and configuration files are also included. Rei's Minimap is included for your convenience.


  1. Griefing IS allowed. Protect your investment!
  2. Cheating and hacking are NOT allowed. If you are caught cheating and/or hacking, you WILL be banned.
  3. Ban evasion is NOT allowed.
  4. Zan's Minimap is not allowed because it is used as a cheat to ambush players and it makes survival mode too easy.

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