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Realsheeps Stable

Realsheeps Stable


We are RealSheeps, the most amazing minecraft server you will ever come across - So we like to think at least.

We combined the best of plugins and faction gameplay, making the server perfect in its own way, with the old minecraft faction idea in mind.

We originally started out as a clan on steam, playing various games, and it came to our attention that minecraft was in serious need of a good server. A lot of private hosters use spigot, which in our opinion destroys the entire game by lowering many standards to increase server speed, such as render-distance and a lot of other things, leaving players unable to fight or enjoy the game properly. We use craftbukkit and only the best plugins - However, to do that, we also increased the cost of the server. To that we hope that you would donate and spread the word of our server, to keep the great minecraft servers alive.

Visit our website for more information!

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