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Reticle Craft

Reticle Craft || Christian MC Server ||


ReticleCraft Is A Newly Created Christian Minecraft Server That Is Now In It's Testing Stages

  • Zeckll || Owner/Founder Of Reticle Craft

So yes, my server, Reticle Craft, has been under heavy development for some time now.
It's full publishing date is December 23rd, however, I've decided to release it for early access/bug testing.

But let me get to the point, you may ask, "What features does it have? Why should I join?" There are several things that set us apart from all the other servers out there. Below are a few reasons.

  • We are a Christian server. Meaning we provide a safe and accepting environment for everyone.
  • We are currently working on guns, yes you heard me. Guns in minecraft.
  • We feature an XP bank so you never have to lose your experience!
  • Store your money in the bank. Just like real life!
  • Don't like it when rule breakers get away with everything? Don't worry! Here you get one warning if you break a rule then the offender will be banned.
  • We feature in-game money bought ranks that you can easily get using in game money! No need to touch your real life wallet!
  • Don't like getting griefed? Protect your land with RedProtect!
  • There are several ways to make money so you can buy things! Jobs, and chestshops. Jobs make it extremely easy to make money, just by playing the game!
  • Invite your friends to get the unique and high class VIP rank!

Ah.. Now here is the important part, in order to create a safe, Christian/Family-Friendly server we have to have a set of strict rules. This is so you know what to expect from us as a server. Below are the rules.

  • No griefing.
  • No asking for items, OP, or staff. &b&lApply on the website, don't ask for it!
  • Have a respectful and mature attitude.
  • Absolutely no hacking.
  • No swearing or cussing. &b&lKeep chat clean!
  • No spamming chat or abusing all capitals.
  • No advertising. At all!

Now.. Moving on to ranks, what do we offer? Here is a list!


How do I apply for staff? Heres how! Our staff system is sort of unique in it's own way.

Our staff ranks:
Admin (Owner council rank, instead of being ran by one owner, the server is ran by a board of administrators)
Jr. Admin (Junior Admin rank)
Moderator (Moderates the server and handles community)
Jr. Mod (Starting staff rank, if you are accepted, this is what you'll probably get after you apply)

How to apply:
Join our website at
Go to the staff tab at the top menu
And fill out the application form

´╗┐The server is now fully hosted and 24/7!

Links/Information sources --- Protection plugin --- Our website

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