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Kingdoms of Anrír|24/7|Factions|RP|PvP|Economy


Welcome to the Kingdoms of Anrir!

Before you get a little introduction by our Web-Dev, Jeff, then I want to speak a few words.
The server has just been made for some days ago, and is already developing with a high speed.

We've got a fully functional spawn, which will later be changed though (as it's not too big), with cool and awesome plugins such as Heroes, MobArena and Factions.

We are currently also looking for a developer (as well as some other ranks, check out the forums), which should at least be able to configure and install every type of plugin. The most optimal developer type would be, if the person was able to code.

Anyways, here's your introduction by Jeff!

Welcome to the Kingdoms of Anrir.

Wipe the grime from your fingers, gather-eth your mighty hoe and sow wheat. For good wheat makes good bread. And bread is tasty!

Survive within the vast realms and fear it all the same! You are not alone. Beware the factions that roam the land! They are ruthless and are known to take prisoners... whom they poke with pointy sticks and feed really bad stew.

But fear not my fellow lowlifes! Cough... I mean... "Subjects"... We have a trained team of hooligans we have appropriately called "Staff" to fight off the unproductive scum that so dare to join our beautiful world! You're not scum are you? If so... we missed one. Please report yourself immediately. Thanks.

~ His Royal Highness Sir Lordship Of Anrir, Mighty and Noble King Jeff.

We are currently looking for staff!

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