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The Qoorseth Network is a server made up of several servers. This is also known as a server hub.

We currently have 5 servers!
Minefield (AKA Battlefield 4)
Hide and Seek!
Towny RP-PVP
This is a type of custom minigame based off battlefield 3 and battlefield 4. There are 2 teams; Red and blue team. You earn point that you can use to buy new and better kits. The kits include: Guns, Knifes, Grenades, Flashbangs, Claymores, Health packs, Ammo packs, Trackers, RPGs, and more!
You capture outposts by standing by an enemies outpost for 10 seconds. The timer is your XP bar. If you have all the flags the other teams Tickets (Reinforce-men) will go down by 1 every second. The other team would then have to parachute in. To activate a parachute you have to stand still while falling and NOT hold shift. To control your parachute you simply look where you want to go.
To win you simply get the other teams tickets down to 0. It still won't end until the next person dies. In make their tickets go down you either kill them or you capture all the outposts.
To earn points you have to either win, kill the enemy, or capture flags.
Note: Grenades and RPGs destroy the world temporary. It respawns back after 2 minutes.

Our skywars is not like most other skywars out there. In our skywars there are 8 arenas all made by the players and submitted to us. Each arena holds 2 to 8 players. There are 2 teams, Blue and Red. To win you have to use any method necessary to kill the other team. You can do this with TNT, knocking them off the edge, shooting them to death, or just an old fashion sword fight.
You score is kept for 24 hours and the top player of the day is recorded daily. The top player of the day gets 1 ender pearl at the start of every match. If you become the Yearly Master (The top player of the day most of the year) you get a random kit at the start of every match. For the Yearly master there are 20 kits.

Factions is just like every other factions server out there. You create a faction using /f. You can raid and grief people if you want.

Hide and Seek:
Hide from your Enemies and become a random block assigned to you to blend in with the environment. Can you hide from the Seekers? or will you be found and destroyed!

Towny RP-PVP:
This server is currently in Pre-Alpha and will be up soon. You can play it in it's current version by buying the Pre-Alpha package. More info on this server coming soon.

Faction mods:
Faction Admins:
SkyWars mods:
SkyWars admins:
MineField mods:
MineField admins:
Towny RP-PVP mods:
Towny RP-PVP admins:
Head Builder: _AndyMcgriffin
Want to be on staff? Apply here!
Staff requirements:
Full name
Minecraft account
A mic
A phone
14 years or older.

Do you like our server? If you didn't know our server costs us money to run it. The only way we can make enough to keep it up is if people donate you help us out. Even a dollar will help us out.
Now you don't just donate for nothing. We give you stuff on the server according to what you donated for. Be sure to check out the donation website!
Donate here!

Lets say you don't have a paypal and you can't donate. There are still other ways you can help us out. On our main server, The Hub, we have this thing called QoorSeth credits. You can use these credits to buy donation kits/ranks/packages. In order to earn those credits you have to help us. There are 2 way to help us that will help you earn credits.
If you do /vote on the server there will be a few vote links that come up. Every time you vote you earn $0.01 credits. That does not seem like much, but if there are 5 vote links and you vote daily you will make $18.25 a year in QoorSeth credits. All you need is $1.00+ worth in credits to buy something using credits.
The other way to earn credits is to refer your friends to the server. You do this by doing /refer [Player] (It is NOT case sensitive). Then when that player joins you will earn $0.10 in credits. Once again it is not much, but it adds up.

Server resource packs (Optional):
Network resource pack - Coming soon!
Minefield resource pack
Kalesius resource pack (Towny RP-PVP) - Coming soon!

Be sure to check out our website. Here are a few links that you should take a look at:
WEBSITE (Under construction)
Forseth11's YouTube

Server IP:

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