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EntireCraft Vanilla MC[Survival][MultiWorld][Econo


General Information

EntireCraft is a gaming community dedicated to provide a high quality online experience for gamers from all around the world.We proudly announce that we have just opened our Vanilla MC Server to the public.This gives an opportunity to any player to come on our server and learn how to play, mine new resources or build simple or complex contraptions or, if you are more of a Veteran MC player, to discuss with others about building designs, redstone or other Minecraft related topics, or even unrelated to Minecraft entirely.

That why we built this community, so anybody who wants to socialize online with others that share the same interest as them can come and join our community.


The is a Survival/RPG/Build server focused on PvE, with some PvP elements.
We are searching for players who are serious and mature and who want to try something new by involving into this community.If you are a newcomer to the game, we also welcome you on the server and will do our best to teach you the basics of playing Minecraft and we would love to make you a part of our community.

You can join the server and explore, survive and build freely but you will have some limited features like the inability to interact with more advanced inventories like beacons or dispensers and the inability to use flint&steel and lava buckets.Don't worry, in order to get access to those feature you will have to buy the Builder rank that costs 5000$ in-game money.
You earn that money by voting for our server, selling items to the shop, referring others to our server or by donating.So in the end if you played on our server for a period of time, it will be no problem for you to purchase that rank.After you got the Builder rank you can purchase the following ranks, either Traveler, Explorer or Warrior, each of them offering unique features.You can chose which one fits you the most.

To get an initial money boost, the first time you join a server you can type in the command
/redeemcode [player_name]
where the player_name is the name of the person that referred you to come on our server.You will get 250$ in-game money and one diamond for doing this and the person who referred you gets 50$ and one gold ingot.

To get an even higher money boost and start on our server with 4000$ in-game money,
follow the steps written on our forum post here.

Players who want to survive against the nature together with their friends or alone as well as players who just want to build and socialize with others are welcomed.We do not put any restrictions on what people join our server.We just require them to be respectful and have common sense.

We have multiple worlds, including a Survival World with PvP enabled in some areas and a Build World where players can build without having to worry about being griefed or hostile mobs.However, we require players to be in a town in the Build World in order to be able to build.If you are not in a town yet, just talk with other people on the server and you will find somebody who will accept you to join their town.

We also have a donor only Creative World for those of you who want to support the server and build in a more private environment.

We do not have Factions or Towny.We do not believe in such rivalry between players that these plugins seem to promote.All of our towns are made using WorldGuard so you do not have to worry about finances, mayors, territories or other related aspects.This is an open server not interested in high competition between its players.

The server also has LWC so you can protect your belongings and Residence to protect your home.
WorldGuard is also available for those who want to create large cities for them and their friends.

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