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You can expect mature staff and a stable playing environment here at Zion's League. We're dedicated to creating a safe and rewarding world that is both simple to learn, yet engaging and challenging to master. Some of our highlights are:

------------ Virtual Pets -------------

• Capture Mobs to have as pets
• Dozens of skills for them to learn
• Train, feed, and take care of them
• Ride pets, train to fight, & more!

--------- Virtual Horse Stables -------

• Capture Horses from the wild
• Summon your horses anywhere/anytime
• Obtain rare undead or skeleton horses
• You can own a pet & 3 horses!

----------- Engaging Economy ----------

• Earn money in a variety of ways
• Designed using Macroeconomics Study
• Simple to learn, difficult to master
• Domination requires work and strategy

-------------- Win Ranks --------------

• Buy ranks with in-game money
• Rank and perm upgrades as prizes
• Earn ranks by participating in forums

----------- Mature Ownership ----------

• Fair & Just player conflict resolution
• Owners won't beg for donations all day
• Admin do not interfere with gameplay

----- Register & Apply in 5 Minutes! ---

• Whitelist Approvals within 24 hours

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