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ShadowsCraft has been re-VAMPed and upgrade to a network. A lot has changed since our first opening!

Our Survival / PVP server offers towns, jobs, and many other features such as Stables, grief-protection, etc.
In PVP we have a large tournament arena, personal arenas and Spleef.

Our Creative server offers a choice between standard plots or augmented (terrains) plots and both include free WorldEdit and are 200x200 in size.

Our ShadowGames server offers Survival Games...may the force be with you! The network is child-friendly so please, remember to watch your language and keep it clean.

We are looking for players who we can promote eventually to staff, particularly qualified admins and skilled builders. If interested, please visit the server and play for a few days to see if you would be a good fit and then inquire about applying.

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