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EmpirePvP-Beginning Of

EmpirePvP-Beginning Of A New Empire


Welcome To The Beginning Of A New Empire, EmpirePvP Is A New Faction Server Which Might Become A Big Server, We Have Already Recruited Our Staff, We Need Players To Come And Play, Our Ranks Are Very Cheap And Our Spawn Is Very Nicely Designed. What Makes Our Faction Server Different From Others Are That You Can Use /echest Instead Of Using The Enderchest And You Can 1v1 A Player Without Any Interference with /duel send (player) And The Best Part Is You Can Trade Without Any Scams With /trade (player)
The Owners Are: Traxity,Kylec818 And ShaikhRiyaz
The Admins Are: Zulaxia,J_King7,i_is_klein and ISaiyanWarriorI
The Mods Are: _Zlatan
The Helpers Are :Jen808Alex_Ander And KayedkIller .

Yes We Are Recruiting Moderators Go And Apply On

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