This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Survive and thrive in the world of Nation, with only a minimum supply of items, lose it, and your chances are gone. Welcome to NationPvP. NationPvP is a Semi-Overpowered server. What this means, is that the server is on hardcore mode with some spawned items available to players. We use a variety of custom coded plugins to make PvP more original. PvP is very essential to survive in our server, we don't tolerate loggers, so we have very strict rules on that. Our server map has a WorldBorder of 20k. To establish closer PvP, the Nether and End worlds are disabled. Enjoy the world of Nation!


No Hacking
No X-Raying
No Spamming
No Advertising
No Racism
No Capitals
No Asking for Items
No Asking for Ranks
No DDOSSING (Permanent Ban)
No Client Mods (OptiFine Approved)
No Disrespecting Staff
No Abusing Server Bugs (CraftBukkit or Minecraft)

PvP Information:

Some commands are disabled during PvP. This insures running away or calling for assistance.
PvP Logging can result in a temporary ban and death.
In the WarZone, some obstacles are built to excite PvP. Do not abuse them.
God Glitching and Freecamming out of PvP can result in a Permanent Ban.
DDOS threats to players while in PvP is an Instant Permanent Ban.

Voting Information:

If you vote everyday for our server, you will receive 16 EXP BOTTLES and $100 per site. It's that easy, you can receive up to 30 Levels of EXP and $1600 daily! Don't forget, you'll also be helping us reach out to more people!

Donation Information:

If you wish to support our server, you can donate for ranks or perks! Just click the Donate tab at the top of the page!

Shop Information:

We use a custom coded version of BetterShop. To purchase items, do /shopbuy. To sell items, you can do /shopsell or /sellall to sell all items in your inventory. Be careful with /sellall.

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