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----------------Strange Ways Prison---------------------
Strange-Ways Prison is a prison where the worst of sinners are sent to be locked up, and the only way out is to work hard doing various jobs.

Prisoners may begin by working in the mines to sell their findings or cutting down the large trees for deeds. The deeds earned may be used to buy more tools, weapons (if you know where to look) or a step closer to freedom, their next rank. Players progress through ranks and may eventually end up in the Omega ranking range where they are sent to the over world to work, and can even work their way up to the paradise lands where they have full freedom. SOAP Now 24/7

Getting Started
When you first join, you start out as an Obscene prisoner (D ranked prisoner, find out more under Ranks section). As an Obscene prisoner, you are the worst of the worst with very little good deeds ever done in your lifetime. To begin earning deeds, head over to the mines to collect some coal and iron once you've made yourself some armor and tools begin to sell items to buy your own little cell and rank-up. You may also want to make some friends to watch your back because no one likes getting 3v1ed. And remember don't drop the SOAP.

Plugins installed on server: SignShop, Permissionsex, vault, playerheads, mineresetlite, NPC, BVZ, Drugs, etc

So come on and Join Before it gets Full.

Remember Read the Rules


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