This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Progression ranks.

Alpha: Free beginner rank
Epic: Second rank 1000$
Squad: Third rank 5000$
Gamma: Fourth rank 10000$
Advanced: Fifth rank 15000$
Platinum: Sixth rank 20000$
Economist: Seventh rank 25000$
Miner: Eighth rank 30000$
Elite: Ninth rank 35000$
Escapist: Tenth rank AND gets factions And sethome with survival world! 1Million
Redninja: Eleventh rank Gets Blaze EXP farm with special kit! 5Million
Legend: Twelvth rank Gets Plotworld And (hidden) with an bonus kit!

Donation ranks

Coal 5$
Gets /nick
A Special Donator Mine (Coal)
And a unique nametag

Clay 10$
Gets /hat, /fly And /nick
A Special Donator Mine (Clay)
A Unique Nametag

Iron 15$
Gets /nick /fly AND /hat
Get your nickname COLORED
Join a full server!
A Unique Nametag
A Special Donator mine (Iron)

Other Donation ranks soon to come!
Our staffteam will be delighted by your visit and opinion!
Please report all bugs and chats to our staffteam. And do not exploit them in any way.
We Currently do not have a website, if there's a HTML coder willing to do it for free please do, we'll reward you on our server by giving you Special privileges.

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