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DiamondTime Cloud


Hello, welcome to DiamondTime!

Here we offer unique gamemodes and a family-friendly community, appropriate for all ages! DiamondTime strives to exceed a player's expectations, and that's exactly what we do :). Our dedicated and efficient staff members work hard to keep all the servers clean and optimized, to ensure smooth, quality gameplay for everyone trying to enjoy our services. The current available servers are Prison, PvP, Infection, Skywars, and Creative.

Prison: You've just entered a new realm of chaos and anarchy. Welcome to Prison, your cell block is D. Mine all the ores you can find to earn enough money to rank up to the next cell block. It will be dark and dirty down there, so be prepared. You're running to the shop to sell your newly found ores, but you die on the way there. You've just experienced a taste of Prison. Try to run to safety by avoiding other prisoners and not getting into a battle. It will be hard, it will be gruesome, but you will prevail. You will earn enough money to rank up, and taste success. Congratulations, you've made it to cell block C. Only a few more cell blocks to rot in before you become a free person, able to do whatever you wish. Conquer the land with your faction teammates, build up an indestructable fort, and go to war with your enemies. Only the elite will survive... Are you one of them? Find out now, on DiamondTime Prison!

PvP: Welcome to PvP. Select your kit, jump into the world, and start slaying. You will do your best to conquer your enemies, but you may not survive. Find allies, fight alongside your brothers, and achieve victory. You are tired of using the same weapons and gear, you want to use something else. However, you die. Select another kit to out-balance the odds, and kill the men who killed you.

Infection: It's a dark and dangerous world out there. You heard of 'em, Zombies, I tell you! They're out for your blood, and they want it no matter what. You won't stand a chance out there alone, but that's why we're here. Fight with us, with your brothers, as the last human survivors, because if no one else gave them a fight, we sure as hell will. Take whatever you can get and kill zombies, keep killing till there's no more to kill, otherwise the Earth is damned...

Skywars: Think of it like the Hunger Games in the sky... That's right. Welcome to Skywars. You'll join a new game, find yourself against other players, and will have to fight to the death to win. Only one will win, the others will fade away... Grab what you have in your chest, and make the best of it. Think you got what it takes? Well, I guess you'll just have to find out....

Creative: Ever wanted to just build peacefully, but not alone? You don't want to die, and you want to have an unlimited resource of blocks to choose from? Then, this is the server for you! Welcome to DiamondTime Creative! Here you can experience the joy of building whatever you want, but you can do it with your friends! You'll get a special plot, all for you, and can invite your friends on to join you in your joy of building! Anxious to feel the joy? Join now, on DiamondTime Creative!

Skyblock: Welcome to Skyblock! Whether you're a solo rider or have friends with you, Skyblock is the server for you! Grab whatever resources you can find, use your skills to survive, and strive to achieve the greatest island ever known to man! What are you waiting for? Join now, on DiamondTime Prison!

Factions: Welcome aboard. You're now in a safe area, but you won't be safe for long. Once you step outside of these barriers, there will be players chasing you down. You will need to rewire your skills, innovate new ways to stay alive, and eventually, dominate everyone else in battle! That's right, welcome to Factions! Join the server, create a Faction, invite players, and do whatever it takes to be the best around. Can you do it? Are you able to survive? Well, let's find out, on DiamondTime Factions!

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