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F-VortexMC Skyblock|Creative|OP-Factions


What Is F-VortexMC?
On our server we provide players with the best minecraft experience, entertainment, and excitement for all ages. With an awesome and active staff everyone is treated with respect. From OP PvP, factions, mini-games, and more, everyone is welcomed to join! If you enjoy kicking butt in PvP, demolishing factions, and playing with friendly staff members and amazing players, then this is the server for you! Join F-VortexMC.Tk today! You won’t regret it!

Why Should We Join Your Server There Are Millions To Choose from?
We are deadicated to the server as staff members. we are always looking for new members for the server and new staff members. Unlike most sucsessful servers we have staff that come on and help players out not to play on the server they want to get involved so we make sure you guys feel safe and sucure on our server. The owner normaly comes on Everyday not once every 6 months almost everyday.

How Do You Get Staff?
You have to apply at we will not pick you if we do not see you on the server We look at the applications every friday

How Often do you reset the map?
We like to reset the map every 4-5 months unless there is a vote with the players or a new update that requires a map reset to add the new items/mobs in.

Why Should We Join Your Server?
I think you should join F-VortexMC so you have have a great minecraft experiance and make sure you are sucure on the server. We want to make sure the server is up 24/7 we have Ddos protection on the server so no need to worrie about us going down the only time we are down are if we are resetting the map or proforming updates or the hosts node has gone down so it will shutdown the server

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